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Warrior Princess: The story so far.

Posted by Rebecca Harris on

Hi! I’m Becky. I’m a fun loving, adventurous female in her 40’s who has a desire to make the world better through ethical, responsible & sustainable business practices and social enterprises. I started life as a Mechanical Engineer in the UK but then broke away to work and travel across Latin America. I worked for Save the Children in Colombia and Peru, I back-packed from Peru to Canada, I bought a car in Guatemala and drove it to Toronto – It was stuck in 3rd gear for a while in Mexico and I worried it was going to be a slow trip! I lasted a year or so living in Los Angeles as an Engineer again, I met a guy and as you do, set up a tour operator in Guatemala called Viaventure. I lived in Guatemala for 8 years and am now back in the UK. I have invested in and consult with a few different companies. I set up a tour operator called Curious Travel and I am now embarking on an adventure to find out more about the world of social enterprise and set up a couple of my own.

Although I consider myself a Warrior Princess, I am not THE Warrior Princess, the inspiration for this Social Enterprise. That is my daughter. She is strong and feminine, adventurous and emotional, courageous and scared. She loves to mountain bike, dance, play football, play make-believe, body board, dance and spends an hour in front of the mirror before we go to the theatre. She is, as all girls are, both “warrior” and “princess”. She and all girls from all over the world are the inspiration for and are themselves, THE Warrior Princess.

Want to help? Why not buy a few gifts or send us a design idea or just spread the word… THANK YOU!

what’s it all about?

Warrior Princess donates money from each sale to charities and causes that work towards the empowerment of women and girls, women’s rights and equality.  Our clothing and merchandise feature slogans and artwork designed to inspire and empower females.

Warrior Princess is about men and women coming together to empower and support women and girls and promote women’s rights. We believe the world is a better place when girls and women are empowered to live to their full potential. So we aim to give them the inspiration, strength, support and tools to achieve that.

empowerment of women. Women's rights. How to support women.

We want boys and girls, women and men to join together in supporting and celebrating the power of females, the huge range of abilities they have and the important value they can and must add to the world.

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