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Design Your Own

Posted by Rebecca Harris on

Do you have an idea for a slogan design that would send a fabulous message to support women and empower girls?  Don’t keep it to yourself.

Perhaps you’d like to create the ultimate personalized gift for a Warrior Princess in your life?  Our designers can transform your empowering slogan design into a statement bag, fierce fashion item, custom print or meaningful mug.   

Perhaps you’d like to use you design slogan to create a range of merchandise to raise money for your own cause?  Our Warrior Princess designers create products that say exactly what you want to say, how you want to say it.

We are always looking for great slogan design ideas that inspire, promote, empower and support women and girls.  If you’d like your design idea to be considered for inclusion in our product range and share in the profits let us know.

Why not contact us to talk about how we can bring your great ideas to life?

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